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About us:

Aria Group Company has the mission to provide an appropriate and extensive range of modern services in the area of organising international conferences and specialist exhibitions. Benefitting from an experienced founding team including SACO ltd, Aria Group Company has managed to become a dynamic organisation seeking to display the industrial capabilities and technical knowledge of domestic companies, producers and experts. The prime objective of our company is to provide quality services while observing professional standards and complete neutrality. Customer satisfaction is one of our main principles and we seek to provide a unique array of services to the best of our ability to fully meet customer needs and demands.

In order to achieve its objectives and attain the highest standards of service in organising conventions and exhibitions, whether domestic or international, Aria Group Company has formed a number of scientific work groups. These groups include:

1.       Research and content development

2.       Market research (domestic or international)

3.       Public relations and information points

4.       Service and support

We have tried hard to maintain our reputation and brand equity, since we achieved this through various ups and downs and following considerable expenditure. With the benefit of retrospection, we are looking forward to a bright future of our company.

We stand on the following strategy planning:
- Inviting commercial and specialize groups in the relevant industries specially from the neighbor countries
- Improving the quality and quantity of exhibits by absorbing government departments
- Trying to attract the foreign companies through the agents directly
- Inviting all experts who is specialize in the wire & cable, rod and Tube fields
- Planning and organizing seminars with the cooperation of the Exhibition Policy Council
- Establishment of Policy Council including forums and journals in order to make strategy planning in line with the exhibition mission and vision
- Attracting foreign and domestic visitors by spreading exhibition news extensively

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