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Welcome to Iran Wire 2017

Iran Wire is the only exhibition in Iran in the fields of wire, cable, tube, profiles and related industries.  Iran Wire represents the latest development of the domestic and global wire & cable, rod and tube industry. It serves as a platform for the release of the trend of commercialization growth, state-of-the-art products, latest technologies and materials, establishment of brand image and introduction of advanced technologies & equipment. This event promotes the import and export, exploration of new markets, investment and cooperation both in Iran and abroad, interaction between R&D and production, as well as multilateral communication
The main index of the dynamism of the cable and wire industry is dependent on the ingredients (Copper, aluminum, PVC, and needed polyethylene), Technology, energy, skilled labor, and transportation. Parts of Iran are located on the world’s copper belt which runs from northwest up to the southeast of Iran. Copper mines of Sarcheshmeh and Meidouk in Kerman and Songun in East Azarbaijan are among the most important copper mines in Iran. However, streaks of copper can be detected in other parts of the country such as Khorasan. Iran had the world’s 9th largest copper reserve at 32.5 million’ tons with nearly 33% of the world's export by the year 2014.
Moreover, Iran has produced 253,300 tons of aluminum ingots in the first nine months of the Iranian calendar year, which started on March 20, 2012 that showed 5.5% growth compared to the previous year. Iran's ranking in the years 2010-13 had stood at 27, 28, 25 and 21 respectively. The report also suggests that Iran's aluminum production has grown annually by 16.7%, 2.7% and 30.4% from 2011 to 2013 respectively. Additionally, Iran has 28.4 million educated and intelligent labors.
Iran can be a production center in this region, regarding to the importance of developing and producing the electricity and wires & cables usage in the varied voltages in the Middle East. Nowadays, with the development of copper and aluminum alloys, the design and progress in the various types of wire and cable have very high prominence in this country and also, in terms of economic development the electricity production is important.
The continuous economic development of the wire and cable industry is dependent on providing innovation in the new required products (use of new technologies), the reduction in the ultimate price, and competing with other markets of the world. Similarly, the existence of steel industries has caused wire and cable production to be one of the sub-industries in the country and satisfy the local users to help the export.
The potential of the mentioned industries has resulted in the presented exhibitions on Metal Rod, Cables, Wire, and Tube and also related Machineries with the aim of identifying, introducing, and connecting the industrialists to the specialists in this field in the Tehran International Exhibition.

The organizing committee of the 4th International Exhibition on Wire & Cable, Rod, and Tube Industry sincerely invites all producers, traders, investors and professionals to exhibit and visit this show and present their achievements and activities.


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