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The exhibitors who wish to use the services offered by the organizer, should announce their needs and requirements before the closing date (16th November 2016).
Different services could be provided by the organizer upon the exhibitor’s requests. They will be charged according to the utilization rate.

Invitation letters and Visa Procedures
when your request submitted, we will obtain the entry visa. To do so, you are kindly requested to complete visa application form and send us with a converting letter in due time. We will provide invitation letter and necessary arrangement that you may need for visa issuance. The deadline for applying visa is 45 days before the exhibition.

Special stands and Equipment services
Prefabricated stands will be normally provided by the organizer if you choose the option of the equipped stands. It includes: surrounding partitions, fascia, floor covering, spotlights, electricity outlet, 1 table and 2 chairs for each 12 square meter. Moreover, the exhibitors can choose the raw space only with no equipment service to construct and design.

Exhibition Facilities
Exhibition Facilities Such as fax machines, LCD, DVD Player, Cell phone, displaying items ... will be at the disposal of the exhibitors based on their demands and costs payment.

Customs formalities and clearance
The organizer will provide any required services for releasing the goods and transporting them to the fairground, such as documents, clearance, transporting /delivering the goods in to the stand and other relevant services based on their demands and costs payment. Application for custom services should be received by the organizer 45 days before the exhibition.

Publicity & Advertisement services
If the exhibitor wishes to publicize in the media, local newspapers, networks, periodicals or any advertising, environments, the organizer will supply him/her with the relevant services with the lowest expenses, provided that the orders received in due time.
For the convenience of the exhibitors and offering better services, organizer will provide the extra facilities such as warehouse, insurance, hotel reservation, transportation, translator, visit tours and etc. in addition to the basic equipments which is provided in normal based on their requests and costs payment.  

Interested exhibitors can contact us through and this phone number 00989128251193
Mr. Baghernejad

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